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In this world it really does not matter what your personal religious beliefs are, but what is happening in the world today has everything to do with religion. It does not matter if you believe in them or not, if the people who believe in them hold positions of power this will most assuredly affect you.

This is precisely why God gave His children an accurate record of future events in the King James Bible AV. You cannot understand what is happening in the world today without the direct study of the true 

Word of God.

 The Holy Bible 

Kings of the Earth

Romanism and the Reformation

What the Reformers believed in complete agreement.

by Henry Gratten Guinness.

The Secret History of the Jesuits

Factural and Fully Documented
and should be read by every

by Edmond Paris
Washington in the Lap of Rome

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall
know them.
by Justin D. Fulton
The Annals of the World

A Biblical Chronology that has
withstood the test of time.

by James Ussher
The Real Ten Commandments
Controversy ?
Do you think the 2 longest commandments
are of particular importance today?
The Un-Holy Inquisitions

Exposing the true nature

of the Roman Catholic
Two Babylons
Papal Worship Proved to
be the Worship of Nimrod
and His Wife

by Alexander Hislop
Foxe's Book of Martyrs    
2.1 MB File Size
Contains accounts of Protestant
Murders by the Catholic Church

by John Foxe (1516-1587)
The History of the

by J. A. Wylie
The Secret History of the
Oxford Movement

by Walter Walsh
The Decline of Historic Bible Protestantism

by Ronald Cooke
The History of

by J. A. Wylie
Extreme Oath of the Jesuits
The Oath of the Knights of Columbus

Secret Treaty bewteen Hitler &

the Roman Catholic Church
The Vatican in World Politics

by Avro Manhattan
The Priest, the Woman,
and the Confessional

Surrender of Self-respect
in the Confessional.

by Charles Chiniquy
Fifty Years in the Church of Rome
By Charles Chiniquy,
who was a priest in the
Catholic Church for 25 years

by Charles Chiniquy
An Understandable
History of the Bible

Examination of
Biblical Manuscripts
by Samuel C. Gipp
The Answer Book
Q & A Defending the
True Word of God

by Samuel C. Gipp
Simon Magus
Simon Peter verses
Simon the Sorcerer

by Ernest L. Martin
The Supressed Truth about
the Assassination of
Abraham Lincolin

by Burke McCarty, ex-Romanis
Vietnam Why did we go?
Ever wonder about the
Vietnam War? Ho Chi Minh
was trained by the Jesuits

by Avro Manhatten
Vatican Holocaust in Croatia
This book is about the
elimination of Christians
and Jews in Croatia

Avro Manhatten
The Popes of Rome

by Ronald Cooke
Papal Theonomy& America Today

by Ronald Cooke
Foreign Conspiracy Against
the Liberties of the
United States

Morse, Samuel Finley Breese,
The Secret History of the Jesuits
Factural and Fully Documented
and should be read by every

by Edmond Paris

by Jack Chick
From Major Jordan's Diaries
PDF Format
by George Racey Jordan

  How GOP got Catholicized
A Catholic Wind in the White House
What Happen in the 1960?
Comprehending the Stimulus Plan
The Papacy is the AntiChrist

J. A. Wylie
The Trail of Blood

by Jim Carroll

by George Orwell

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