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This is where you can search the Holy Bible by keywords or phrase

You can search any of the books of the Bible on the individual web pages simply by pressing the Control (Ctrl) and the letter F keys at the same time. This will bring up a search box either at the top or bottom of the browser pane, this works for word searches and the more specific the word the better.  Consider this a quick search method as If the word you are searching for can be part of any other word the browser will match the string of letters with any words that contains those letters, select the match case option to refine your search for better results.  The browsers will start their search at the position you are currently viewing on the web page and go through the end of the document.  So if you want to search the entire book in order start at the top of the page.

For a phrase search it is best to utilize Adobe's Acrobat Reader with the PDF files.  See the short tutorial  at the bottom of the file listing for more information. You will need the latest Acrobat Reader to view these files and this can be downloaded here,  

I have also included web pages of the complete Old Testament, New Testament, and entire Holy Bible for word searches.  Please note the file sizes and allow for the download to finish.  The best way for future searches is to save these files to your computer and I recommend the using the PDF files for most of your searches.

Click on the icon to download the file.

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The best way I have found to search the Bible is using Adobe Acrobat. Below is a brief tutorial.

This is the PDF file that has opened in the browser.  Dead center of the task bar is the search box, if this is not showing then right click anywhere on the clear portion of the task bar and that will open the drop down menu. Make sure the fourth item down from the top the "find" option is checked.  

Notice I have typed "Thus saith the Lord" in the search box, you will notice a tiny arrow immediately to the right of the search box on the task bar.  This opens a drop down menu to select further refinements to your search and I prefer to utilize the Full Reader Search option.  Notice the keyboard shortcut of pressing the "Shift" key - "Ctrl" key - "F" key at the same time, this will open the Full Reader Search option bypassing the drop down menu.  

I am showing you several things in this screen shot.  The Full Reader Search is open but notice the tiny double arrow just to the left of "Isa.30" located on the division of the 2 columns, Just mouse over the area between the 2 columns until you see this double arrow symbol then press and hold the left mouse button to drag this division side to side until you have the ratio you want.  On the PDF page you will see "saith the Lord" highlighted, this was a prior quick search without any additional refinements,  On this new search I have checked the "Whole words only" and "Case Sensitive" options and you will see the results below.  

This shows a list of the results of the above refined Full Reader Search.  You will notice that only the occurrences in the document with a capital T in "thus saith the Lord" are listed in the order of their appearance.  Clicking on any one of them will take you to that specific place in the document.  Enjoy.

In this screen shot I am showing how to open a navigation pane, just click where you see the mouse pointer to open the list of bookmarks. You will notice that I have resized the columns with the above described mouse over technique. All the chapters of the Bible are listed in the left column so that you may scroll to the one you want and then click on it to view.